A house sign commision. Enamel paint on hand cut, reclaimed wood. Advertisements

I have just completed this piece for the Kilgore Trout series of works. It depicts Kilgore Trouts best selling novel, which was published as a porno called “Wide Open Beavers Inside”. The only way he could get published was as filler material to fit alongside the more popular images in the book. Apologies for the […]

A painting for the Kilgore Trout series of works. This is another response to the This Means You story, see previous post for more details. Dimensions: 640 x 900, Acrylic on Board.

Another painting produced for the series of Kilgore Trout works. Dimensions 640 x 910, Acrylic on Board.

These tote bags were commissioned by the arts collective SondryFolk (www.sondryfolk.com). They choose an old Lino-cut image I had produced a few years ago, as it linked nicely with their woodland activities at Smugglers Festival in Kent. Additional design and silk screen printing by Squared Roots, Bristol.

A Silk Screen print for the Jester Project launch in Bristol on the 20th of July (www.thejesterproject.co.uk). The design is loosely inspired by the track  (www.soundcloud.com/thejesterproject/the-sea/s-IEYHr?in=thejesterproject/sets/the-jester-1/s-IEYHr/s-IEYHrMay)  It may also be available as T-shirts from Bamboo Bay (www.bamboobay.co.uk). Limited edition paper prints available, please contact me if your interested.

My entry to the 2nd International Reggae Poster Competition. The brief involved capturing what reggae meant to you, and for me reggae is all about dancing.